Blended Online Course Video Issues

Blended Online Course Video Issues

Students taking Blended Online courses may experience video or sound issues, or be unable to proceed due to the "NEXT" button not appearing on the page.  Below are some general troubleshooting steps they can follow to address the problem. 

Switch Browser Type

One of the easiest fixes for issues with video or sound would be to switch to a different browser.  Many students use Internet Explorer by default, for example, but may have a more up-to-date installation of Chrome, Firefox, or (for Macintosh) Safari.  Encourage them to switch to a different browser to see if the same problem occurs. 

Links for browser downloads:

Clear the Browser Cache

A more advanced troubleshooting step, or one to use if the student cannot switch browsers, is to clear out old files from the browser cache.  Sometimes when the browser tries to store streaming files in memory, it will prevent new ones from downloading. 
  1. Exit training and/or logout from Otis
  2. Go to and follow the instructions for your browser.
  3. Exit the browser, restart your computer, and log back into training – try to proceed in the lesson

Check the Browser Type and Version

Using an up-to-date browser is key to successfully navigating the course.  Users can go to to check the browser type and version, as well as whether it is the latest recommended version of the browser.  If it indicates the browser is out of date, it may be time to upgrade.

Internet Explorer Only: Check Compatibility Mode

If you use Internet Explorer, also check to make sure the student is NOT in Compatibility Mode.  Go to the Tools menu, then Compatibility Mode and make sure  “Show ALL sites in Compatibility Mode” is not checked while using Otis.  (Certain versions will allow you to add to an exceptions list instead.)  If the student is using Compatibility Mode within a company network, they may need to have their IT person assist them.

General Troubleshooting Solutions 

The video "starts and stops" or times out.

Solution: Adjust the bandwidth
Streaming video downloads a small portion of the video and starts playing it while it downloads another small section.  Normally, this plays seamlessly, but if the network/Internet connection is slow, the new segment may not download before the first is done playing.  If members have challenges with their network or Internet, they can adjust the bandwidth and reload the video.  They can do this by changing the drop-down menu from Low (400 k/sec) to Very Low (200 k/sec).  This drop-down menu is located just to the right of the video.

If this does not solve the problem, have them pause the video just after it has started and let it load for 30 seconds to a minute to allow time for the video to load.

The video will not start or a segment displays a black screen with no start button.

Solution:  Install/Update Flash Player
This normally has to do with needing to update to a current version of flash or resolving a Flash plug-in error (a known challenge with Flash).
  1. Use Help and Support > Minimum System Requirements to see if Flash is installed.
  2. If it is a version error:
    1. Validate your Flash Player is up to date
    2. Validate you are a current browser (see the requirements as listed)
Download the latest version of Adobe Flash:

No Navigation Buttons Available (member cannot find the NEXT button).

Solution: Reset zoom level
If the member lesson page is cut short and there are no icons usable to allow them to advance through each lesson page, their zoom will need to be reset.  A quick way to set their zoom back to 100% is to use the CTRL + 0 keyboard command.  This option may also be accessed through the magnifying glass icon on the lower right corner of their browser window or the Options or Tools menu in their browser.

Members can log-in and access the portal but are having trouble opening or seeing the classes. 

Solution #1:  Validate System Requirements
  1. Click the Help and Support > Minimum System Requirements to compare your configuration with the minimum requirements listed
Solution #2:  Disable Internet Toolbars
  1. Plug-ins and installed toolbars can create conflict or block web content. disabling them should resolve this issue.

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