Registering for hands on skills session.

Registering for hands on skills session.

Click on the skills that you would like to attend.
Skills Session calendar. Select the date and time the fits your needs.
Click on the "register" Button
Click the "Register" button
Click on the plus to select how many people are attending with you...
Select number of people attending session
Click continue...
Click continue
Fill out the form and check the "agree to terms of use and privacy policy" box 
Fill out form
Click continue
your confirmation
You will receive a confirmation email shortly after completing your registration.

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      RSV is a video conference based one-on-one Hands-on skills verification program.
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      Yes, we are still holding classes. We are now using a Blended/RSV combination of training. The blended/RSV training allows you to complete the lecture portion of the class at your own pace from your computer.  Once the Lecture is completed you ...